Darcey Bussell

Age 8

Ballerina and TV presenter

What did you like to do at weekends when you were 10?
I went swimming a lot with my friends and we also hung out in the park.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
I know I have made lots of mistakes, but I believe that nothing is really a mistake, because I think you can always turn something around or use them as a tool to strengthen yourself. I hate to call anything a ‘mistake’… I think you can work out solutions where things haven’t gone your way. I think you should always try and see the best in those situations. They’re there for a reason.

What is something important your parents taught you?
To be myself and not to try and be anything I’m not. To be proud of myself. We all grow up with different strengths and weaknesses. My parents taught me to never be ashamed of my weaknesses because they’re part of who I am and they’re OK. I suppose my parents also gave me the grit and determination to stick with something and not give up and I really value that.



DARCEY BUSSELL, DBE, was interviewed by Zoe and Sasha in issue 1.