Anya Shrubsole

England cricketer

What advice would you give to your 11-year-old self?
When I was 11, I was a bit more petulant. I used to get very frustrated when things went wrong. I hated doing things wrong so if I thought I wasn’t able to do something I just wouldn’t do it. So, I would advise my 11-year-old-self to be a bit more free and just try things a bit more.

What is something important your parents taught you?
To stay humble and keep my feet on the ground. It’s quite easy when you play sport to kind of get caught up in everything and think you’re this amazing person and you’re really great and whatever, but thankfully that’s something I like to think I’ve never done and that’s down my mum and dad. They’re the first people to take the mickey out of me, which is great because it keeps you normal!

How did it feel to win the World Cup Final in 2017?
Amazing. It was the best day of my life so far… it’s quite hard to put into words. To be able to win the World Cup is pretty special and to be able to win it at home, at Lords, in front of 26,000 people was a day I will definitely never forget!


ANYA SHRUBSOLE was interviewed by Poppy and India in issue 7.