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Issue 16


What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A stick! Yasmin, 12, Lina, 10

• Readers interview BBC presenter Shanequa Paris
COURAGE AND COMPASSION — how to care for our animal companions
• MAKE IT! Get creative with these funky jewellery holders
THE CINNAMON EXPRESS, a short story by Ayesha Uddin, illustrated by Amy Brownlee
Okay poke (how to make this Hawaiian classic)!
• COMIC — ONE IN, ALL IN! Nothing’s going to stop Rosie and her cousins, written by Gayle Kennedy and illustrated by Queenie Chan
GIVE IT A GO grab a hoop and get your hula on!
• HERO OF HERSTORY Murasaki Shikibu, the world’s first novelist — by Madeleine Karutz
QUIZ, pump yourself up or put yourself down?
• Pull-out POSTER by Lily Nie

Plus regulars

DEBATE, should animals have the same rights as humans?
• THE WEB, spectacular seaweed saves the day!
GROAN, readers’ most embarrassing moments
• ASK CATHY problem page
• PUZZLES + lots more!